What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a system of local food production and distribution which directly connects the farmer and the consumer. When you buy your greens from a local producer you are: 

1 - Supporting the local economy, supporting local farmers so they can continue to grow great food

- Lowering your carbon footprint.

3 - Getting the freshest, healthiest food possible, and

4 - Voting for local food production. Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Why Join?

Our Sprout & Greens CSA Program makes it easy for you to get good nutrition, especially in the winter. We deliver weekly to a depot near you.

Joining our delivery program guarantees you a regular supply of the freshest, most nutritious greens possible, year-round.

Subscriptions are for a minimum of 4 weeks paid in advance.

With your first order you will receive an attractive 100% cotton tote bag to transport your sprouts in.

Sprouts are delivered weekly for you to pick up at your choice of various depots throughout Muskoka and Parry Sound.

Going on holiday?  No problem.  You can easily suspend, change or cancel your order at any time online, by logging into your account.

**Minimum order: $30.00 per subscription(every 4 weeks)**

Don’t know what you want? No problem. You choose the quantity you want and we’ll change it up each week with a variety of sprouts and microgreens. Our Mixed Variety Surprise Me option is the perfect way to try all of our sprouts and micro-greens! We will choose different varieties for you each week and we promise you will love them all!

New to sprouts? Just want to try them first before subscribing? Try our One Week Sample Pack.

It's easy, just pick your produce and order.  Start shopping our produce and place your order here!

Prices start at:

Sprouts: $3.75/pkg

Microgreens $4.40 - $4.75/pkg

Mixed Lettuces: $5.75/pkg 150g 

Minimum order: $30.00 per subscription(every 4 weeks). Order more and save! Therapeutic* quantity discounts are available. Ask us for details.

*Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic diseases can be reversed with a diet rich in plant-based nutrient-dense foods. Sprouts and microgreens are perfect for this, but you’ll need more than one or two packages. For more information, click here.

not ready to commit to weekly orders? That's ok!

You can try our 1 week only sample pack below. 


We supply fresh produce to restaurants and retailers in the Muskoka and Parry Sound areas year-round.

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